Jaclyn Kotowski

Jacky is a certified LaBlast® Fitness instructor with many years of competitive ballroom dancing.  Even though she has an extensive background in dancing with a partner, she will teach YOU ballroom techniques without the use of a partner.

Jacky started dancing when she was 3-years-old.  She has done a little bit of everything dance related—tap, jazz, hip-hop, ballet, & ballroom.  She was in training for the Russian Ballet when she discovered ballroom dance & she fell in love.  She’s been a competitive ballroom dancer since high school & just two years ago, she received special recognition for her talent.  Jacky loves performing & was in the dance club at Providence College in Rhode Island, where she graduated with her degree in French.  She currently performs on a regular basis with a group of ballroom dancers & with Bobby Ray Entertainment doing hip hop inspired performances.  Jacky is an outstanding dancer & has a true passion for dance which is shown in the hours she dedicates to the art. 

 Jacky is finishing up her 5th year as a special education teacher at Alta Vista High School and is starting her 2nd Masters degree in the field of Special Education and Post-Secondary Transitions. She is originally from Long Island, NY, but the Teach For America program brought her to Kansas City with her mother & young son, Jacek.  Jacek is an active, creative, caring, and intelligent 5-year-old starting Kindergarten at Prairie Point in the fall.  Even though she is extremely busy with work & family, she is always willing to help out & go the extra mile for the love of dance & others. 

 Three words to describe Jacky are:   caring optimistic, & creative.  Jacky approached me this winter & after only 5 minutes of talking with her, I knew her caring, optimistic nature is just what I needed & I love being able to share her with YOU.  Her three characteristics (plus many other positive ones) make her an invaluable part of Team re:YOU.  Jacky uses dance as a way of expressing herself & her creativity in her choreography & instruction shines through.  Jacky’s LaBlast® classes are an absolute Blast! YOU get a triple bonus with them—a great workout, an incredibly fun time, & you learn the art of ballroom dancing.  After taking her classes, YOU will become more fit, more flexible, more agile, & more graceful.  Jacky’s words to live by are, “Don’t be afraid to try” & you shouldn’t be afraid to give Jacky’s classes a try—you will be so glad you did.

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