The Founder's Story


Angie Corbin - 

 I want to share my story with you to illustrate how we can lose track of ourselves as we journey through life. I don’t tell my story to invoke sympathy; but rather to demonstrate that life doesn’t always stay the course and it’s what you do in the face of adversity that counts the most and sometimes adversity is a gift. With my story, I hope I create what I term as “heart tugging”--I hope it “tugs” at your heart enough to open it up for change and strength. Hopefully, it will be like weight bearing exercise tugging on your bones to open them up to become stronger.  Life is hard for everyone, that’s a given, but I believe we can learn from each other’s struggles (and victories).  

Here is my story… 

Five years ago, I lost my husband, Steve, to a motorcycle accident two days before our twin daughters’ much anticipated 10th birthday.  He was the center of our universe, he was my heart, my soul, and all my dreams, AND absolutely the best dad to our daughters. For me, it was love at first sight & he truly was & still is the love & best friend of my life—he knew every part of me and loved me anyway.  He was my "person" and he could always make it all better. He was the vital strong anchor of our family. 

He was killed instantly, so there were no goodbyes, but thankfully, there were no excruciating decisions to make either.  In the blink of an eye, my world shattered beyond recognition and the slow blight of suffocation began.  I had to crush my precious little girls’ lives when I told them the man they adored more than anything in this world was not coming home.  Instead of carrying out our birthday celebration, we were planning a funeral. I didn’t know which way to turn, since he was my navigator, so I spiraled downhill. 

While trying to live without Steve, I stumbled and fell over and over and my losses went beyond my husband.  I lost my identity, I lost my connections, I lost my hope, I lost my dreams--I was completely lost!  Real frustration and shame took over when I was working to lose weight, but actually gained it.  I became so embarrassed by my weight gain, my appearance, and my sadness that I didn’t want to go out and when I did, I tried to hide in the background.    I compared myself to everyone and in my mind, I didn’t size up to anyone or should I say, I oversized everyone.  I completely lost my ambition and confidence due to the weight of shame, guilt, worry, and grief. I was surviving for my daughters, but I was not living for me. I write about these feelings in past tense, not because I no longer feel this way, but because I’m determined to put them in the past—I’m determined to reDEFINE me and my feelings.  I have an undeniable reSOLVE to “Rise Up” and find joy and hope again and I have decided to invest 100% of myself into helping others while fixing me. Therefore, I decided to launch a new business to carry out this mission--re:YOU Dance Fitness. Personally, I need a place that’s accepting, supportive, inspiring, and all about kindness to others, including myself.  I can’t be the only person out there that needs a place like this??

The Steve Corbin family.     

The Steve Corbin family.  


 I realize my story would be more glamorous (and I would personally be happier with it), if I was already trim, fit, and a shining example of a survivor before I open the re:YOU studio, but I need THIS studio to move in the right direction.  I’m a work in progress and I always will be, so now is the "right" time.  On my journey, I plan to share my goods, my bads, my beautifuls, my uglies, my messes, and my victories in an effort to help others become more comfortable with themselves, because those things are real.  As my story shows, life isn’t always pretty; it’s very messy sometimes, but it's during those times we define who we truly are. I hope to be defined as a kind-hearted giver that makes the most out of life.  I can't change the fact that I'm a widow, but I can dance even though I have lost my partner. This is definitely not the party I would have chosen, but I have the reSOLVE to dance & laugh while I'm here (even if I embarrass my girls).  I hope you can gain from my stories and my messes along with my vulnerabilities. I’m terrified of sharing my “uglies” & dancing in front of those mirrors, but if it can help someone else, then “suck it up, buttercup!” Furthermore, I want to share our followers' stories, because this is re:YOU, not re:ME. The rest of our stories are “Unwritten”, but let’s fight to make them the best stories for us.   I hope you will join me on this journey to becoming the best we can be--join the YOU Revolution!