#Classes that are perfect for beginners & your first re:YOU dance fitness class.

**Denotes variations in our typical weekly schedule i.e. different instructor, pop-up class, or completely different style of class.

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Register for FREE class here!

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Mon, Aug 19:

  • WERQ® w/ Kylee 5:30pm

  • #reVitalize Ballet Toning & Flexibility w/ Tori 6:30pm

Tue, Aug 20:

  • #reCharge Dance Fitness w/ Tori 5:30pm

  • NO reShape Strength Training w/ Kaleigh tonight!

  • U-Jam® w/ Max 7:30pm

    Wed, Aug 21

  • NEW CLASS! Adaptive Yoga for reMarkable Kids w/ Kristen 4:30pm (45 min class)

  • #reCharge Dance Fitness w/ Shauna 6:00pm

  • #Beginner Adult Tap w/ Shauna 7:00pm

  • WERQ® w/ Kylee 8:00pm

    Thurs, Aug 22:

  • Zumba® w/Rachel 5:30pm

  • **#LaBlast w/ Jacky 6:30pm

  • **U-Jam® w/ Max 7:30pm

    Fri, Aug 23 :

  • West Coast Swing. Basics starts at 7:15.

Sat, Aug 24:

  • **#reCharge Dance Fitness w/ Shauna 9:00am

  • **WERQ® Dance Fitness w/ Kylee 10:00am

  • NO reMarkable Kids TODAY! (adaptive class)

  • NO reMarkable Teens TODAY! (adaptive class)

Sun, Aug 25:

  • LaBlast® Dance Fitness w/ Jacky 7:00pm

Upcoming Events…

Sweatin' to the 80s Summer Dance Party.jpg

REpeat Party!

4+ instructors all in 1 night! Wed, Aug 28 6-7:30pm