The Power of Dance


The Power of Dance

This weekend was my family’s dance recital, which is honestly my most favorite time of the year. It’s strange how I can cry so much & still call it a special time for me. This year, my girls danced a lyrical ballet piece to “Tears in Heaven” & it was the original acoustical Eric Clapton version. The dance was dedicated to a sweet little girl, Hannah, that was taken by cancer way too soon & she should have been a Senior this year. I had the privilege of meeting her beautifully strong mom on Saturday--this woman has never missed a recital that her daughter should be dancing in—powerful!


Even though the dance was created with Hannah in mind, to the 3 Steve Corbin Girls that song is so about our beloved man. Music was one of the magnets that brought Steve & I together & Mr. Eric Clapton was one of our strongest magnets. We saw “Tears in Heaven” performed acoustically live on more than one occasion. As I’m watching “Tears in Heaven” begin, I can see the unbelievably raw, real emotion on my girl’s face. I wish with everything in my being that my daughters didn’t know the brutally raw feeling of yearning for Heaven. However, I know that when they dance, they are closer to Heaven & that sounds incredibly sweet to me. I know other people could see how close Kylee was to Heaven while she was dancing, because Hannah’s mother reached up a row to hold my hand through the song. We gripped each other’s hands tightly & I wasn't going to let go until she did. We cried a "River of Tears" together (another beautiful Eric Clapton song) for different people, but also for each other & for our children. 



As sad as it is for me to see that real pain in my daughters’ eyes, I know they are healing, which brings me to the point of my share. The girls have been able to process their profound loss of Steve through dance; they are mending with movement & losing themselves in the music. I think I knew within the first months of our loss, that dance was an investment in our well-being for all three of us. I watched the girls bounce & I too wanted that power. There are so many reasons why I opened re:YOU, but one of the top has to be that I want to REpair through dance & I want to help others do the same. No, we are not performing lyrical numbers & telling our stories with our movement, but we are giving our minds a much-needed break & REpairing the soul through music even if just for a little while.  When I was in one of my deepest valleys of grief, I would put on what I called “my healing” playlist & I would stretch for almost an hour. I had to make sure I was alone because tears would pour out my eyes so much that my face would be swollen for hours. As much as that hurt deep, deep inside, I was mending, which is why Ballet toning & stretch is so important to me. I believe there are thing in this life that cut so deeply that you can’t truly heal, but you can REpair, REvive, REfuel, REgenerate, & RElieve to live a very, very beautiful life. 


Even though FUN is the number one rule with our group classes, you are investing in yourself to make your heart & muscles stronger & tighter AND you are also giving your heart & soul time to REpair. I hope to dance with YOU this week & share the power of dance.  

Angie Corbin