7 "Tricks" to Drinking More Water

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Week 2 Healthy Holiday Challenge—Drink 8 glasses of water EACH day.

It should be easy, but, darn it, it’s hard to get your 8 glasses of water a day.  I think we get so caught up in our day that we simply don’t get it done.  Which is why I need to come up with “tricks” for getting in my daily intake of water. It might be sad, but I have to “trick” myself into doing things sometimes.  Hey, whatever works, right?   I’ve had success with some of these “tricks” & maybe you can benefit from “tricking” yourself to drink more water too.

Here’s what I’m already doing that has helped me drink more water:

1.       Know your why.  As I mentioned in the Healthy Holidays Challenge, knowing your why is critical to any journey, even little journeys like drinking more water.  There are MANY benefits to drinking water, but my why is that I want to help my liver metabolize some of my stored fat.  If your body is not hydrated properly it can’t metabolize stored fat efficiently.  When I’m drinking my water, I actually think about the water going down & helping my liver burn the fat.  I don’t know about you, but this is a major motivator for me. What’s your why?

2.       The one “trick” that has helped me the most is drinking a big glass of water at every transitional point in the day...  I drink a large glass of lukewarm water (14 oz) when I first get up, and then I drink large glasses before every meal.  I also try to drink a large glass before my sweat-a-thons at the studio. 

3.       Drink with a straw.  You can take bigger gulps & drink more water.  I always use a straw during my workouts or playouts because I need as big of a gulp as possible when I’m dying.  It’s amazing how much more water I can get with a straw.

4.       Always carry a filled small refillable water bottle with you or for me, it’s a cup with a straw.  Make sure you have water handy when you’re driving.  It’s a great time to increase your intake.

Here’s some tips or “tricks” that I’m going to start using or might appeal to you:

5.       Have 1 glass every hour throughout your work day.  When your work day is over, you will have consumed your daily goal of water. 

6.       After each bathroom trip, guzzle 8 ounces to replenish your system.

7.       Make a habit of enjoying a refreshing glass of water after each workout.  Make sure you prepare it in a way that appeals to you—flavor it with fruit, a warm cup with lemon, sparkling mineral water, vitamin water, or plain & simple.  Any way you like it, make rehydration a treat for you taking care of YOU. I’m looking forward to starting this one.  In fact, it has always been my intention to offer fruit-infused water for YOU as a reward, so I need to start that up for all of us. 

As you take on the 2nd weekly Healthy Holiday challenge, let me know what works & what doesn’t.  We are all in this together. 

Drink up,


Angie Corbin