Healthy Holidays Week 1 Challenge

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Our first weekly challenge of the ‘Tis the Season to be Healthy & Jolly is… Get a minimum of 150 minutes of vigorous exercise this week.

We all know exercise is good for us physically & mentally, but it’s so easy to put it off, especially during the busy holiday season, which is why it’s the Week 1 Challenge.

While taking on this challenge, try to remember a few things to stay motivated…

 1.   Newton’s Law of Inertia—an object (YOU) at rest stays at rest & an object (YOU) in motion stays in motion…unless acted on by an outside force. Think of this challenge as your outside force to stay in motion. If you go through the entire holidays at rest, consider how much extra force you will need to get moving in January. Let’s stay moving in December to really move in January.

2.   If you have goals to get in shape or lose weight for the New Year, then getting a jump on those goals is an outstanding plan. To really change your body, you need to strive for 250-300 minutes of exercise/week. If you work up to that objective it will be easier come January.

3.   Exercise is the key ingredient in the MAINTAIN, DON’T GAIN goal. More than likely you will consume more calories through the holidays; therefore, exercise is your way to negate those extra calories. If you don’t balance it out, it will lead to weight gain.

 Just remember, he sees you when you are moving, he knows when you are sweating. Good things come to those who move & sweat.

 It doesn't matter what type of exercise you do, but we would love to see you at the studio 3 times this week as you kill this week's challenge. After you crush this challenge, we hope you keep this goal for the remaining weeks of this holiday season, so you can crush 2019.

 Keep moving,


Angie Corbin