Love You. Love Others. Love Life.

Fun is the only rule at re:YOU ! We believe that one should spend more time having fun and playing, so we like to think of our classes as fitness “playouts” vs. workouts. Everyone knows that physical activity needs to be part of our lives, but so should play. Why not combine the two? Life is precious and we need to seize fun & happiness as much as we can, even when we are striving to live healthier.

No dance experience is required for any of our cardio classes. If Angie can do it, anyone can do it! Re:YOU instructors are here to teach and inspire YOU with their love of dance. There is never any judgment or intimidation in our community. We believe it doesn’t matter how you move, it just matters that you move. At re:YOU , you are more than a body and how YOU feel matters more than how YOU look.

All re:YOU classes are formatted with our clients’ busy schedules in mind. If YOU are running late or need to leave early, YOU will still get a much deserved, beneficial workout without the fear of public shaming. Thirty minutes of reCHARGING is better than not reCHARGING at all. re:YOU is all about YOU!

An important part of re:YOU is equipping YOU with the strength and resiliency to face the tough days and to live your best life; therefore, re:YOU will strive to motivate and uplift you through our song selections and daily messages. Each class will incorporate music that is purposely chosen to fulfill your soul well beyond the workout. A heart is meant for so much more than cardio. re:YOU is a place for you to work on YOU, inside and out—it’s your “YOU Revolution.”

Each class will contain previous dance routines that you are familiar with, so you can perfect your dancing skills and let loose to express yourself & build confidence. However, in order to keep our workouts fresh, new music and routines will continually be added into the mix. Classes will be unique and will challenge beginners and experienced dancers alike.

Our Mission and Vision


The mission of re:YOU is to bring more play & inspiration to YOU.  Our pursuit is to make fitness FUN with our dance inspired classes designed to nurture the heart, mind, & body.  The supportive re:YOU community is here to inspire & empower YOU to live a happier, healthier, & fuller life. 


Our vision is that people will dance through life healthy & happy.